Who is Writing 2013?

This Christmas holiday has been great – even though none of our children were with us in Kenya. Good times with friends, kuku choma (Kenyan equivalent of turkey and dressing), and a chance to relax. In the name of ‘relaxing,’ we watched the full first season of a very fascinating TV series on CD. It was a lot of hours.

Trying to get over the nagging guilt about time ‘wasted,’ I asked the Lord, “So what do you want me to learn from this?” God pointed out several useful lessons. The most prominent was: “I AM THE AUTHOR. I HAVE WRITTEN THE SCRIPT.”

“Great, Lord. Where does that leave me?”

“That is simple. Read the script, then play the part I have assigned to you.”

Wow! That sounds like an assignment for the whole of 2013. Actually, it sounds like an assignment for the whole of life!

popcornBack to the movie. Many times, Ibrahim and I would shout at each other: “Why did she do that?” or “She should have said _ _ _; it would have saved the mess.” Or, “If only he hadn’t _ _ _!” But obviously the playwright wanted the script to be exactly as he had written it, and knew why everything was happening ‘just so.’

God was reminding me: “There are many things in life you feel should have happened differently. There are many times you think I am late. Often you wonder ‘why’ it had to be a certain way. But just remember: I am the one in charge of what happens and what doesn’t. It is not up to you; it’s up to ME!”

Back to ‘where does that leave me?’ Again: learn to listen – learn to read carefully – learn to hear the Lord’s voice more clearly. Then obey. Just do it, exactly as you have been told.

I am praying that I will be a ‘star actress’ in God’s rendition of my life. “Let us (all) keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith!” 

Have a blessed 2013 following our Divine Author!

~ Diane


About Omondis In Kenya

Ibrahim and Diane Omondi serve on the DOVE Christian Fellowship International Apostolic Council, giving oversight to the region of Africa. They have been ministering together in Kenya since 1984 and now oversee the work of more than 100 congregations in four nations. They also give leadership to the missions thrust of DOVE Africa which includes 14 Kenyan and Ugandan missionaries serving among unreached people groups in these nations. The Omondis direct Springs of Africa, a non-profit organization sponsoring micro-finance, community development and various education initiatives.
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3 Responses to Who is Writing 2013?

  1. 3espighs says:

    I LoVE this! I want to try , and apply it to my life starting…………now.

    ♥ Laurie

  2. Laurie F says:

    I don’t know why My 1st post says it comes from “3 espighs”; that’s funny:). The espigh family is friends of ours from church, but it really was mE witing the post! Laurie

  3. imdonna says:

    Always love to read your revelation from Papa, or what is happening in your lives. Your script seems to me to be somewhere between an outrageous adventure and the love story spanning two continents! I’ll always be thankful for the memorable scenes I got to share with you. (Memorable to me, anyway! Lol) blessings for the new year; as always, ” may they chase you down the street and overtake you!” With love…your sister in Christ, Donna

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