Kenya’s New Leadership

What Kenyans are being treated to from the new occupants of State House is quite commendable. We are seeing an eloquent, youthful and dynamic pair ready to move this nation to the next level.

I admire the unity displayed by the President and his deputy. Likewise, President Uhuru’s willingness to reach across the divide to his estranged opponents is also an encouraging sign. Watching Uhuru and first ‘runner-up’ Raila Odinga at a recent state funeral sharing a platform, as well as affirmation and complements, was superb. This, and the commitment of the Kenyan people to maintain peace, is a clear indicator that Kenya has come of age. And if the four cabinet secretaries that were paraded at State House in a display of professionalism and ethnic balance is anything to go by, then Kenya is destined for greatness. A new generation of leadership is poised to move the whole nation to her prophetic destiny.

Sounds ‘all good.’ But is it? Under it all, there are some nagging questions. The events leading to the strenuous Supreme Court ruling on the eve of Easter Sunday, declaring that elections were free and fair, raised major doubts.

Kenyans deserve to know the whole truth. If we sweep anything under the carpet like we have through previous regimes, things will come back to haunt us. The apparent breakthrough might just be a mirage.

What happened to weapons that were being distributed around the country just before the ruling? Was this just police propaganda or were the weapons going to be used only if the verdict did not favor Uhuru? Did the desire for peace inform the verdict more strongly than the quest for justice? Is there something to the allegation that nearly one million votes were cast for the Presidency alone, and not for any other positions? Were the biometrics tampered with in collusion with a presidential campaign team?

If these questions are answered and Kenyans know the whole truth – then we shall genuinely celebrate our Jubilee year.

Until then, we shall respect and honor those in authority but also pray that the Almighty God will reveal and clean our messes in His own way, then lead us to His divine purposes for this nation.



About Omondis In Kenya

Ibrahim and Diane Omondi serve on the DOVE Christian Fellowship International Apostolic Council, giving oversight to the region of Africa. They have been ministering together in Kenya since 1984 and now oversee the work of more than 100 congregations in four nations. They also give leadership to the missions thrust of DOVE Africa which includes 14 Kenyan and Ugandan missionaries serving among unreached people groups in these nations. The Omondis direct Springs of Africa, a non-profit organization sponsoring micro-finance, community development and various education initiatives.
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One Response to Kenya’s New Leadership

  1. Nelson Martin says:

    Thanks for update on election results. Been praying for visible evidence that changes have transpired to expose an internal transformation! Divine power is at work!

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