Like a Child: Sleep through the Storm

Nepal babyA devastating earthquake hit Nepal on April 25; another struck again last week. The disaster was horrendous. This amazing image of an infant asleep (or maybe unconscious… but let’s say asleep) after being rescued really struck me. Now safe in the soldier’s arms, this baby was oblivious to the terrible tragedy.

Children have the ability to sleep through any storm. Or maybe it is just that they have not yet learned the ‘art’ of worry. They do not concern themselves with things that are outside their immediate environment, or things that are outside their control.

Unfortunately, as an adult, I have learned the ‘art’ of worry. I often try to sanctify it as “being responsible.” But worry, or control, it is, nonetheless. When it comes to management styles, I have a weakness toward micro-managing. That is not a good thing. That does not demonstrate a child-like approach!

Worry is the opposite of faith. Worry is a declaration to God, “I do not trust you.” Yet the Word instructs us, “Do not worry for your life, what you will eat… what you will wear…” for your children, your finances, your job, your future, not even your present predicament.

How often do concerns, fears or worries keep us awake? How often do we try to manage things that we cannot or should not?

Right now as I am writing, many things are happening around me that I do not like. But most of them I have no control over. I can pray, but that is about all I can do. Will I release those cares and burdens, trusting God to bring the answers? Can I rest in Him through the storms of life?

A young child sleeps comfortably, even when a storm is raging. When our faith is ‘like’ a child’s, we can do the same.

~ Diane


About Omondis In Kenya

Ibrahim and Diane Omondi serve on the DOVE Christian Fellowship International Apostolic Council, giving oversight to the region of Africa. They have been ministering together in Kenya since 1984 and now oversee the work of more than 100 congregations in four nations. They also give leadership to the missions thrust of DOVE Africa which includes 14 Kenyan and Ugandan missionaries serving among unreached people groups in these nations. The Omondis direct Springs of Africa, a non-profit organization sponsoring micro-finance, community development and various education initiatives.
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5 Responses to Like a Child: Sleep through the Storm

  1. 3espighs says:

    Oh, I need this reminder! I try, and do much better than I once did, but reading an encouragement like yours is so valuable to me!! It really is true and amazing how children react and trust when bad things are happening…..I guess that’s why I love to hang out with and learn from them :).

  2. 3espighs says:

    I guess u know that above comment was mE, Diane! I have to figure out how to get rid of that automatic log-in. The “Espigh’s” are friends of ours from church-don’t know how that got started on my account! Laurie

  3. So glad this was encouraging to you… that makes it worth it! (Yes, I know it is you.)

  4. stephcraker says:

    This is perfect! Thank you for your words and reminder that God is bigger than our circumstances! He allows us to be in impossible situations so that we can experience that He is the God of the Impossible! He is so faithful! I definitely need this reminder to not worry while in this season of trusting and waiting on Him for the miraculous to happen in the midst of such impossibilities. Blessings on you!!

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