Day 2: THE LAW

Yesterday, a lady who heard Bible reading as she walked along the road, decided to enter. She stayed throughout the day. When we finished, one of our members led her to Christ. She was with us again today, very glad to read God’s Word. That is really good news!

Otherwise, it would be a stretch to say that today’s reading was highly inspirational. After their phenomenal exit from Egypt, the children of Israel settle down to the realities of life in the desert and duties of the law as recorded in Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers. In the Law of Moses, specifications for punishment are very logical, taking into consideration many factors such as the seriousness of injury, intentions of the guilty party, etc. So many conditions are considered in determining  penalty. For example:

  • “If a bull gores. . . .
  • “If the bull has the habit of goring. . . .”
  • “If payment is demanded. . . .”
  • “If a bull injures the bull of . . .”
  • “If the owner knows. . . .”

Then come details about the temple, the sacrifices, the priestly garments, the tabernacle and its furnishings, procedures for cleansing, and much more. So many times, we read that things should be done “According to the plan I showed you on the mountain” or “just as I commanded.”

We might have mountain-top experiences with God. We hear His voice in our spirit, sense His guidance, or are lifted in faith to carry out a certain task. But then things become difficult. The vision we once believed seems so unrealistic. Today, I sensed God saying, “Go ahead – just do it – according to the plan I gave you.”

I was also reflecting on Jesus’ statement, “I did not come to abolish the law, but fulfill it.”  After a read-through of all those regulations, it is tempting to wish that Jesus HAD come to abolish the law. But what does his ‘fulfillment of it’ really mean to us today? I still want to learn that more fully, so am anxious to continue the trek through God’s word.

~ Diane

Question to Ponder: God instructed Balaam to go with Balak’s servants (Numbers 22:20). Why then did God have to oppose his journey and stop his donkey along the way?


About Omondis In Kenya

Ibrahim and Diane Omondi serve on the DOVE Christian Fellowship International Apostolic Council, giving oversight to the region of Africa. They have been ministering together in Kenya since 1984 and now oversee the work of more than 100 congregations in four nations. They also give leadership to the missions thrust of DOVE Africa which includes 14 Kenyan and Ugandan missionaries serving among unreached people groups in these nations. The Omondis direct Springs of Africa, a non-profit organization sponsoring micro-finance, community development and various education initiatives.
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2 Responses to Day 2: THE LAW

  1. Larry Kreider says:

    Diane and Ibrahim,
    I cannot find the link on your daily read-a-thon blog to give towards DMA. Am I missing it somewhere?
    Larry K

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