Ibrahim and Diane Omondi, living in Nairobi, Kenya, lead the church planting movement of DOVE Africa,  and Springs of Africa a non-profit organization sponsoring micro-finance, community development and various education initiatives. Ibrahim (Kenyan) and Diane (American) have been have been ministering in Kenya since 1984 and oversee more than 200 congregations in six nations. Their four children all currently live in the U.S. Ibrahim and Diane also serve on the International Apostolic Council of DOVE Christian Fellowship International

The Omondis’ property in the Nairobi outskirts includes a guest house which is used for refreshment and training for missionaries, churches and Christian organizations.

Ibrahim, a trained journalist and natural visionary, continues to dream about expansion and new territories. The most compelling of these visions is to establish a center for training leaders who will transform Kenya – and Africa – from a continent of dependence and poverty to one of self-sustenance and hope (you can see projects here). Author of “Changing a Nation”, Ibrahim served as General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance of Kenya for several years and is still a board member of that organization. He was also a delegate to the National Constitutional Congress that worked on re-writing Kenya’s constitution and is a member of Kenya’s Anti-Corruption Steering Committee. Ibrahim actively networks with several intercessory groups and has led March for Jesus as well as other National Prayer Day events in Nairobi.

Diane trains early childhood teachers and has written curriculum books for young children as well as “Responsible Parenting.” She also enjoys teaching the Bible, leading worship, administrative work, handling accounts, and editing.

Ibrahim and Diane enjoy relaxing together by their fireplace, watching a good movie, going for walks, and visiting their children.

2 Responses to About

  1. Elsie says:

    yes, I bless the lord for my beloved spiritual parents I’m proud of you and what you’re doing for the kingdom of God.

  2. John David Lee says:

    Love and prayers, grace and peace to you, dear friends.
    I really enjoyed browsing through your blog–it put faces to names and stories from our time at the Yarnes’ home.
    Sincerely, John D. Lee

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