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The analogy of the Vinedresser found in Scripture1 indicates that God is committed to our abundance. He expects to find a good harvest in His vineyard. Abundance is a nice-sounding word. Thinking of abundance gives a fullness-of-joy type feeling. Having … Continue reading

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The vineyard

One of the analogies used in Scripture for our relationship with God is that of God as the Owner of us, His vineyard.1 Isaiah wrote the parable of the vineyard in reference to the nation of Israel. But God is … Continue reading

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I am expecting 2023 to be a really good year. Pondering its twelve months and 364 remaining days evokes a positive feeling. “You can’t feel your way through life,” my husband often chides. True. But feelings can make all the … Continue reading

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Happy 2-2-22 Day!

I love numbers and the patterns they form. If you want to plant optimistic expectation in my soul, just tell me that the groceries cost 33 dollars and 77 cents. Or give me 337 shillings in change after a purchase. … Continue reading

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Today is Mushujaa Day (Heroes Day) in Kenya. While Kenya has many notable heroes, I want to honor the missionaries of DOVE Africa as heroes of courage and faith in our generation. As we continue to pray for a people … Continue reading

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Staying Healthy

If there were ever a time when just about everyone is striving for good health, it is now. Being physically, spiritually and emotionally strong is not out of reach. But it takes some work and quite often certain sacrifices. It … Continue reading

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Have Your way

In February, before Kenya had any closures or restrictions, our oldest, highly-insightful son said, “The world is going to be a totally different place by the end of this year.” My response was loaded with agitation: “What do you mean, … Continue reading

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A dark night

I recently went through a very dark night. Not a season of life, but a ten-hour debacle in the night hours. For some unknown reason, my back had snapped, and pain was piercing through my body with every tiny move. … Continue reading

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Mteja is the Swahili word for “subscriber.” It is the first word spoken by the sweet, friendly recorded voice that comes on when you call someone and they don’t answer. By default, the word has come to mean “not available” … Continue reading

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Learning curve

Learning to navigate a zillion different online platforms might not be as difficult for you as it has been for me… trying to learn how to put Sunday services on Facebook; (do you know how many cables and connections and … Continue reading

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