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Full Circle

Living for three months in Costa Rica during my college years was a significant experience, to say the least. It was there that I fell in love with another culture and was imprinted with a passion for the developing (or … Continue reading

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Read-a-Thon IN the Bible

Okay, okay, okay. I know that the books of the Law and Prophets were written on scrolls. I know that the printing press had not yet been invented in the first century A.D. I know that the majority of people … Continue reading

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View from Under the Sun

Last week we logged 47 hours of Bible reading. We have started the books of the prophets, which run concurrently with the period of the kings. The Bible Read-a-Thon continues, raising funds for the work of DOVE missionaries in Africa (DMA). … Continue reading

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Reading and Fund-Raising

Hardly a weekend goes by in Nairobi without people being out on some kind of a walk or run for a worthy cause. You can read the t-shirts: ‘Heart Run.’ ‘Save the Elephants.’ ‘Cancer Awareness Walk.’ It’s all good! As … Continue reading

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Getting Ready to Read

Greetings, Friends. We interrupt the series on child-like faith (even though “getting ready to read” sounds like a child development topic..!) to bring a special announcement about the upcoming BIBLE READ-A-THON: two weeks of Bible reading from July 13-24 that will … Continue reading

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Like a Child: Everything is Possible

A child believes that all things are possible. Jesus commands that our faith should be the same. A young child does not distinguish between fantasy and reality. He believes that Superman can fly, that Santa is carried through the skies … Continue reading

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The Seed of the Gospel?

Television screens are awash with yet another tragedy in Kenya: the massacre of non-Islamic young men and women. Some of these young people were having their “morning glory” prayer time when the attackers struck. They had no idea that terrorist … Continue reading

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