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Full Circle

Living for three months in Costa Rica during my college years was a significant experience, to say the least. It was there that I fell in love with another culture and was imprinted with a passion for the developing (or … Continue reading

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A Life Well Lived

My father passed away two weeks ago; we have just returned to Kenya after being with family in the States for his memorial. There is so much we could say about Edward Diener. He was born in 1917 as the … Continue reading

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Like a Child: Quick to Recover

Several weeks ago I took a nasty fall while walking along a sidewalk at a busy Nairobi office. I tore the sleeve of my blouse, caked dirt into my handbag, and had two bleeding sidewalk burns (knee and elbow). The … Continue reading

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Like a Child: Who Daddy Says I Am

Knowing who I am in Christ seems to be a really big deal in Christendom these days. I am not sure why it is so hard to convince us, but many of us apparently have a chronic identity crisis and … Continue reading

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Morning Prayer

When I get on my knees early in the morning, I usually feel very needy. That is probably because most of the time, the path of life seems to be more difficult to follow than I have the ability for. … Continue reading

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Like a Child: (Just) Enjoy Life

We just spent several days at our neighbor’s beach house on Kenya’s beautiful Indian Ocean. What a privilege!  A sign on the porch, written like a to-do list, reads: Enjoy life Enjoy the beach Have fun Relax Quite a list! It sounds … Continue reading

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The Privilege of Presence

Just one week after Easter, the work of Christ on the cross is fresh in our minds. But for sure, the reality of Christ’s death and resurrection is what we live in on a daily basis, all year round. As … Continue reading

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