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Esther or Hadassah, though a cousin of Mordecai, was more like an adopted daughter. Even as a grown up, a queen living in the palace, she still looked to Mordecai for counsel and prayer. We too have a Father who … Continue reading

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For such a time

“Yet who knows whether you have come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?” These were Mordecai’s words to his cousin, Queen Esther, when they were facing a huge slaughter of the Jewish people. Esther, reluctant at first, … Continue reading

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Hardship, Harvest and Heaven on Earth

“The kingdom of this world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ. And he will reign forever and ever.” If you only recognize those words from Handel’s Messiah, be assured that they are also in the … Continue reading

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Hardship and Harvest

Hardships are included in the end-times package. Assuming that Jesus is coming soon, we should be prepared for hardship. Last week in Mozambique, DOVE members were locked in police cells because of gathering in homes at a time when “meetings” … Continue reading

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It comes in the package

We often say that we are living in the last days. So here we are in 2021 with crises erupting around the world! Oh, my. News reports, technology and social media bring them relentlessly to our attention. Life with COVID … Continue reading

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Nothing but Mercy

It can be really easy to think that some of the good things I enjoy are because of me. Or maybe to think that I have done something good to deserve or earn these blessings. The Word of God says … Continue reading

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Salt and Light

We would “normally” be in the States this time of year, enjoying time with dear friends at the annual DOVE International Leadership Conference. The conference IS going ahead this year – albeit with only a few out-of-country attendees. The theme: … Continue reading

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Quite a day!

“This was a highlight for me this year,” wrote one participant. A missionary working among unreached peoples shared, “It was powerful having people from all over the world interceding for a nation I love so much! And seeing others believing … Continue reading

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Ahead of time

A conspicuous pattern has emerged in our family. When, on occasion, we receive unexpected finances, a crazy-big need comes along soon after. It means the “extra” resources are needed for that “extra” expense. That really used to frustrate me. “Aaach … Continue reading

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Good work, DMA!

We trust you had a wonderful Christmas! We certainly did. This December also brought a special gift of a retreat with the DOVE Africa missionaries. I cannot help but be encouraged, challenged and grateful—all at once!Encouraged by the stories of how … Continue reading

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