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God’s Pain; Our Pain

Have you ever felt that your work is in vain? Have you ever thought that all the effort, energy, time and money you put into something was useless? I certainly have. Today we started the 2017 Bible Read-a-Thon. We saw … Continue reading

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Today we read Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges and Ruth. Wow! Reviewing the intrigues of the children of Israel from the time they crossed the Red Sea, in other words, reviewing our readings of yesterday, Moses gave three speeches (Dt 1-4; 5-28; … Continue reading

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Dual Citizen

31+ years of living in Nairobi. 3+ years since the application was submitted. Today, I became a Kenyan citizen. After three years of being told ‘Be patient and wait,’ we were called last week to collect the certificate. No fanfare, … Continue reading

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Like a Child: Rules are Rules

On Friday 26 June, 2015 at 8:01 a.m. Diane Naomi Omondi (hereafter referred to as “I”) was stopped by a police officer because of using a mobile phone while driving. The officer greeted me, then politely asked for my driving … Continue reading

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Kenya’s New Leadership

What Kenyans are being treated to from the new occupants of State House is quite commendable. We are seeing an eloquent, youthful and dynamic pair ready to move this nation to the next level. I admire the unity displayed by … Continue reading

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Elections, Kenya-style

It felt great to cast my vote on Kenya’s peaceful 2013 election day. The predictions making their rounds were that this would be a day to stay out of the public arena. Not so! Kenyans, I included, were ready to … Continue reading

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Candidates to Court

For the last several weeks we have been inviting people for an IDRN Disaster Response and preparedness seminar. Sign-ups have been very encouraging; we expect close to 200 people from different parts of Kenya. The training will include logistics for … Continue reading

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