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Good work, DMA!

We trust you had a wonderful Christmas! We certainly did. This December also brought a special gift of a retreat with the DOVE Africa missionaries. I cannot help but be encouraged, challenged and grateful—all at once!Encouraged by the stories of how … Continue reading

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Using the words “my late brother” is shocking and painful. On Saturday April 7, we celebrated the life of my late brother, David Diener. The day after his death was Easter. The day after that, his 67th birthday. David had … Continue reading

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A Man of Integrity

Integrity is a characteristic that God will always honor. From the bottom of the pit and the dark prison cell, Joseph rose to the highest office in the land. How did that happen? “The Lord was with him, and whatever … Continue reading

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Ready to Read

The first lady of Kenya recently completed a full 42 km marathon race in order to raise money to support Kenyan women who do not have access to pre-natal and post-natal care.  I am not a first lady, and am … Continue reading

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Being Prepared

One word could describe what many Kenyans seem to be thinking about lately: security. This past Saturday I was at a neighborhood meeting. The subject was security. The meeting came in response to increased attacks, robberies and even murders in … Continue reading

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Three Weddings and __ Funerals

This blog is not about a movie with the similar title. It is about the weddings and funerals we have on our ‘plate’ right now. In Kenya, weddings are a community project. So are funerals. In a church family, it … Continue reading

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“For I Know the Plans…”

Do you enjoy planning? Comparing Western culture to African culture — overgeneralization acknowledged — the former is much more planning-oriented than the latter. And in this respect, I typify the Western stereotype just as much as Ibrahim typifies the African. … Continue reading

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Washing Feet

“After that, He poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him.” John 13: 5 What does ‘foot washing’ mean to you? For me it brings childhood … Continue reading

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