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Medical Relief

Last week we were privileged to host 44 doctors, nurses and volunteers, led by Shauna King, from International Medical Relief. Their mission was to offer free medical services to Nairobi slum dwellers. In just 7 days they treated nearly 5,000 … Continue reading

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Oil in Kenya: Blessing or Curse?

“Daddy, is this a curse or a blessing?” our daughter asked when she heard news of oil discovery in Kenya. Good question! Prospects for commercial oil production in Kenya heightened last week with the announcement from Tullow Oil Co that … Continue reading

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Travel Advisory

Our son Daniel who is studying in a U.S. University was recently denied a research grant for Kenya. The reason?  Because Kenya is on Travel Advisory. In other words, he cannot be approved to come home because it is too … Continue reading

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Poverty. Injustice. Contrasts and contradictions. These are a painful part of everyday life here. Sometimes, you slide into a complacent lull. Then something happens that brings the horror of it all back into focus. That was my experience on Tuesday … Continue reading

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New Nation – Open Doors

“Come over to Macedonia and help us” is all that the angel said to Apostle Paul in the Acts 16:9 vision. The beckoning to Southern Sudan seems much more emphatic. “This is a very young nation. We need to develop,” … Continue reading

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Mzungu Dilemma

In Swahili, ‘mzungu’ refers to someone with white skin. If I ever wished I were not one of those white-skinned people, it was this week in Wajir, a remote Kenyan town located about 20 miles from the Somali border. Kenya … Continue reading

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Fighting Famine

Images of emaciated human beings in the media — tales of helpless children and the elderly left on the roadside to die – these are heart-rending and quite disturbing. The fact is, this is real and it is happening right now … Continue reading

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