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You might have heard in the news that Kenya’s recent elections in which President Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the winner have been cancelled. The Supreme Court gave a ruling that the elections were not carried out according to the Constitution, … Continue reading

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Do Not Forget!

Just in case, by any chance, or at any one time, we think that our own worth has earned us our stand in life—we should just read the book of Deuteronomy. It is very easy to believe that the good … Continue reading

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Today we read Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges and Ruth. Wow! Reviewing the intrigues of the children of Israel from the time they crossed the Red Sea, in other words, reviewing our readings of yesterday, Moses gave three speeches (Dt 1-4; 5-28; … Continue reading

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Good Reasons to Hope

During this Christmas season, the message of HOPE burned strong in my spirit. Jesus’ birth was a declaration to the world that all was not lost; the Expectation of generations had been Fulfilled. With so many things whirling around us … Continue reading

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What to Eat?

Last week Diane and I were subjected to a random and fairly extensive medical check-up. The health insurance we have had for over 25 years was up for renewal, and our insurers noticed that we are not getting younger! Before they … Continue reading

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‘Then You Will Know’

Jeremiah and Ezekiel each paid an extremely high personal price for delivering God’s message to His people. And their words to the children of Israel were not pampered, by any means. These two prophets, along with several ‘minor’ prophets and … Continue reading

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Choose Today

Today’s reading took us through the eras of Moses and Joshua and into the years of the judges. Reading a lot of Swahili (which was great) slowed things down, so reading time extended to 10 hours. It is noteworthy that … Continue reading

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