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Read-a-Thon: Our Purpose

Our ongoing Bible reading has a dual purpose: To know Christ – through the reading of His Word To make Him known – through support of missions We have identified five projects of DOVE Missions Africa (DMA) that are in … Continue reading

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What to Eat?

Last week Diane and I were subjected to a random and fairly extensive medical check-up. The health insurance we have had for over 25 years was up for renewal, and our insurers noticed that we are not getting younger! Before they … Continue reading

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Healing is Real

Over the last few years I have been acutely aware of physical illness among us. These vary from different kinds of cancer to problems with backs, knees, skin, lungs, joints and blood. Personally, I have had a couple of issues; … Continue reading

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Speeding for Life

High-speed driving on bumpy Kenyan roads is not advisable any time. But on this particular occasion, I heard grown-up adults from the medical profession asking “Are we there yet?” Six-week-old Luke was barely making it. As we sped toward the hospital, the ER … Continue reading

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Just a Beginning

The end of our reading feels like just a beginning. To be honest, if I did not have other responsibilities of “life”, I would just love to do it all over again. The 92 hours of Bible reading were totally amazing. … Continue reading

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Being Prepared

One word could describe what many Kenyans seem to be thinking about lately: security. This past Saturday I was at a neighborhood meeting. The subject was security. The meeting came in response to increased attacks, robberies and even murders in … Continue reading

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Medical Relief

Last week we were privileged to host 44 doctors, nurses and volunteers, led by Shauna King, from International Medical Relief. Their mission was to offer free medical services to Nairobi slum dwellers. In just 7 days they treated nearly 5,000 … Continue reading

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God Gives Healing Herbs

It is amazing how our bodies respond to natural herbs. Since November 2011, when I had a prostate biopsy (not a very good experience), I have been using a conglomeration of leaves from our garden, together with moderate exercise and … Continue reading

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Thanking God for Life

(We haven’t posted a blog for quite a long time. That was intentional in order to give you, Dear Reader, a break – <:) Ha! Today was a normal day in a doctor’s office: many people waiting; mothers trying to … Continue reading

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“For I Know the Plans…”

Do you enjoy planning? Comparing Western culture to African culture — overgeneralization acknowledged — the former is much more planning-oriented than the latter. And in this respect, I typify the Western stereotype just as much as Ibrahim typifies the African. … Continue reading

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